The Morning After – Original Online Series

Hosted by Brian Kimmet and Ginger Gonzaga, “The Morning After” is a smart, pop culture “snack” to help get Hulu users get quickly up to date on the latest and greatest in entertainment news and gossip. Episodes run daily Monday through Friday on and Hulu Plus. The Morning After is a new initiative from Hulu Labs.

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Jace Hall Executive Producer
Matt Vascellaro Executive Producer, Director, Head Writer
Kristin Holt Supervising Producer
Michelle Gershon Associate Producer
Joey Manderino Writer/Segment Producer
Woody Tandorf Writer/Associate Producer
Kimmy Gatewood Writer
Amanda Deibert Assistant Writer/Researcher
Rachel Hastings Assistant Writer/Researcher
Autumn Steed Stylist
Yvonne Wang Makeup
John Holland Editor
Chris Garcia Editor
Jason Alexander Editor
Supervising Editor Nic Aragon
Ginger Gonzaga Host
Brian Kimmet Host
Nellie Barnett Guest Host
Jonathan Bennett Guest Host
Gigi Malavasi Director of Photography
Caroline Framke Writing intern
Helen Cho Writing intern
Davis Jung Writing intern
Darra Stone Writing intern
Anthony Ferrido Editing Intern
Stephanie Diane Editing Intern
Bryant Francis Produciton Intern
Diego Martin Corbino Graphics