Jace Hall Show The Morning After
In Partnership with HD Films
HD Post

With our Non-Linear systems and extensive downconversion and upconversion capabilities, we can provide all HD services including online, color correction, and effects.

SD Post

We have provided high quality SD Editing from our inception. Clients include local and cable networks, independents, and studios. Projects include everything from commercials to full length features.

Sound Mixing

Victory Studios has the top HD3 ProTools audio mixing system. In addition, a large voice over booth is provided. The latest software and plugins compliment the facility with surround sound capabilities built into the system.

Color Timing

We can provide SD and HD color timing in our Avid Symphony and Final Cut Pro systems.


From VHS to DVD to DV, MiniDV, PAL, 3/4″, Beta SP, DigiBeta, HDCam and beyond, our facility can handle nearly every duplication project.