The Jace Hall Show – Original Series

The Jace Hall Show follows host and video game personality, Jace Hall as he goes beyond covering games, by investigating what really makes the worlds largest game developers tick with exclusive inside access to the people behind our favorite titles. In between getting the biggest gaming scoops, we catch up with celebrities, athletes, musicians, artists, directors and producers in Hollywood and around the world to find out what they are working on and more importantly, what games they are into. Past, current and future guests include Olivia Munn, Stan Lee, Seth MacFarlane, Felicia Day, Tom Green, Christina Milian, Akon, Cung Le, Alex Pardee, Morris Chestnut, Audrina Partridge, Zach Levi, Katee Sackhoff, Kelly Hu, James Gunn, Wilmer Valderrama, Ice-T and Coco, The Ferrignos, Curt Schilling, Jack Thompson, Randy Jackson, Bob Sapp, Joe Flanigan, Laura Vandervoort, Carl Weathers and more!

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